How Tiny Organics was the saving grace for one Mama

Hearing about how Tiny Organics has impacted families all over the country never, ever gets old. Our mission to build adventurous eaters and bring organic, nutritious and allergen-free food to parents everywhere in an accessible way is what we set out to do and that cadence continues on. We love hearing how different families use their foods; whether at daily meals or simply for daycare prep. We wholeheartedly trust and believe that each and every parent knows what is best for their little one(s) and are thrilled to hear the varying different experiences and impacts Tiny meals have had on their children. But every once in a while, there is a certain story that stops us in our tracks.

Such was the case when we heard from Sara Roskopp, a Mama of three who first used Tiny with her son Reed. Their story of how Tiny Organics meals were the answer to Reed’s digestive issues is a staunch reminder of why we do what we do, and a call to parents everywhere that you know exactly what you are doing –– you are your child’s best advocate. We will let this interview with Sara do the explaining of this magnificent story.


TO: How did you first discover Tiny Organics?

SR: I found Tiny Organics scrolling through social media. I saw someone else feeding it to their little one. I was struggling at the time finding foods Reed could eat. I went to the web page and when I saw that the meals were organic and delivered straight to your door, I immediately wanted to try!

TO: Tell us a little bit about Reed and why it was so important for you to find food that worked for him. 

SR: Reed was born with anatomical issues with his bowels that required immediate emergency surgery after birth. We were told by doctors that when he started solid foods and was no longer breastfeeding he would have to take laxatives every day for the rest of his life. Before I found Tiny I was feeding him other organic baby foods and I was having to give him enemas 1-2 times a week. It was heart breaking to watch him struggle and see him in so much pain. He started associating eating with pain and feeding became an unenjoyable time. 

TO: How soon did you begin to notice a difference in his appetite/how his body reacted?

SR: Reed immediately loved Tiny. I saw a difference in his digestion within a few days. My husband and I were amazed. The crying after eating stopped and he was no longer having issues going to the bathroom or awful stomach aches. I haven’t had to give him an enema since the day I started feeding him these meals. He also has not had to go on laxatives! Yay!!!! 

TO: Are there any favorite flavors for Reed?:)

SR: Reed has been a fan of every Tiny meal. His all time favorites are turn the beet around and potato hash! 

TO: Any additional notes on your overall experience of having these on hand as a busy Mom, what it's done or your own mental well being knowing you have this option, etc.

SR: I honestly don’t know what I would have done without finding Tiny. Being a busy mom of three and having the convenience of healthy foods that are readily available in my freezer has changed my life. It is so nice not to have to worry about what he is going to eat if I’m not home. Also, to see my son enjoy eating various foods without being in pain is the greatest gift and has had such a huge impact on our entire family's life. 

Follow Sara and Reed's story here!

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