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Tiny Organics was born out of every mama's need for freshly made, healthy and nutritious baby food that can aid in building a non-picky, lifelong adventurous eater! We also know that convenience is essential in parenthood, which is why we ship them frozen and deliver straight to your door, at the frequency you choose.

1. 100% Organic
Every single ingredient we use at Tiny Organics is USDA-certified organic and non-GMO. This means, all of our ingredients - from bananas to curry powder - are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. By choosing organic, you are also supporting farmers who are preserving natural ecosystems.
2. Plant-Based
Our goal at Tiny is to give your child the opportunity to acclimate to the taste of vegetables and healthy flavors from the earliest bites. We know from extensive research and our work with Tufts School of Nutrition and Michelle Obama’s Partnership for A Healthier America just how beneficial early palate development is in creating a lifelong desire for nutrient-rich foods, especially vegetables, among all children. Ensure your little one is getting exposure to all of the essential vitamins and minerals that are plant-derived.
3. Frozen for longevity and easy preparation
We understand first hand just how busy our schedules are as parents, and how the opportunities to grocery shop are often few and far between - especially now. The beauty of our meals being frozen is that they require minimal prep - simply heat and serve! Our meals also stay good in your freezer for up to 3 months.
4. Delivered right to your door
See reason 3 :) Schedules are demanding and pull us in several directions. And so we deliver direct to your door! We understand that some weeks you may need Tiny meals more than others. For this very reason, we set up our system for you to choose what is best for YOUR family, so we can accommodate it to fit the needs of your life.
5. Exposure to build a life-long adventurous eater 
One of primary reasons we began Tiny Organics is that we know from several studies that exposure to different textures, tastes and smells decreases the possibility of picky eating later in life. Experts say that it can take up to a dozen or more times for your little one to accept a new flavor - so don't give up! All our meals were created by a chef and a team of neonatal nutritionists.
6. Compatible with Baby-Led Weaning
Tiny is compatible with the Baby-Led Weaning method. Whether you choose BLW or not (or opt for some combo of the two!), exposing your LO to different textures decreases picky eating, develops dexterity, and promotes their confidence. Our meals are indeed “mashy” enough with small enough pieces so there is no need to worry about choking. 
7. Free of the big-8 allergens
All of our meals are free of the Big-8 allergens and do not contain milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat or soybean. We do include coconut in our Coconut Curry recipe. All ingredients are labeled on each container for peace of mind!
8. Don't just take our word for it ;)
Tiny has been featured in national publications like Romper, Fatherly Forbes The New Yorker, and Inc.
9. Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging 
We are very proud to be a part of the Plastic-Free coalition at Tiny Organics. While it is our great mission to bring healthy meals to families and build adventurous eaters, it is equally as important to us that we are lightening our footprint on the earth while doing so. All of our packaging is recyclable, down to the green insulation that comes in the box that is biodegradable!
10. Healthy meals for parents to enjoy too!
We’d be lying if we said we didn’t eat Tiny meals ourselves all the time. So many of our meals can be enhanced. Toss our Potato Hash in scrambled eggs, our Quinoa Bowl into a salad, or Oat Em Gee into a smoothie. The sky’s the limit and we believe these delicious, nutritious meals can and should be enjoyed by all, no matter the size of the appetite!
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