So You're at Home: Try One of These 5 Small Joys

We know you’ve likely been inundated with a variety of resources about working from home, online yoga, banana bread recipes, how to cut your own bangs (hint: maybe don’t ;), virtual happy hours, and more! 

Here’s a super short list of 5 things you can do to add a small joy to your day. And if you don’t have time to do any of them? That’s okay too! Sometimes self-care is letting go of the idea that you need to make time for self-care. We’re all surviving right now, just take it one afternoon nap at a time.

1. Get a frother: Okay, hear us out. One thing everyone seems to agree on is that we need simple routines now more than ever. Between the stress and chaos, potential salary and job cuts, and being a full-time parent (and an FT teacher) for some “The moment my morning cappuccino appears in front of me is the best moment of my day.” It’s also about a daily ritual and something certain in a time of uncertainty. Coffee with oat milk (or good ol’ regular milk), golden milk latte or matcha concoction – the options are endless. A simple hand-held tool that you can order online for $10 or less will do the trick.

2. Online cookbook club: We love the idea of bringing friends together in the name of food. While a cookbook in-person can't happen now, we’ll happily jump on the virtual bandwagon. Awesome women like Kate Arends at Wit & Delight are doing just that, and inviting readers to join in! This trend is giving people the opportunity to share delicious ideas, while also peeking into the kitchens of some of their favorite people to follow.

3. Exercise or meditate: Okay we know this suggestion has been everywhere, but there’s no question that we all need and/or want to do this more. It’s likely been on your list for a long time. Or if you are a devout to your gym already but find yourself missing that interaction, hop online at any of the hundreds of options available. Many are running free subscription trials, like this one. Others are offering a library full of content for only $20 a month like this one. Don’t have a 20 min to spare right now while you’re juggling your new WFH while homeschooling situation? We hear you! What’s working for us: Play a meditation from the Calm app while you’re in the shower. Five minutes of bliss can sometimes be all it takes to recalibrate our minds.

4. Tour museums : The Louvre in your living room? What a time to be alive! Since we’re not tossing on our tourist hats in the near future, why not bring the exploring to you? Not only can you now see things that perhaps you may not have been able to experience before, but you can do so from the comfort of your day-4 loungewear :D

5.  Masterclass: Look, we’re not saying you need to write the next Moby Dick, or launch a side hustle full time during this period of isolation. There’s a buzz going around that we need to be productive and while it is a wonderful time to re-evaluate and establish some new goals, we also can give ourselves some leniency and grace. Instead, the time is perfect to stretch your brain in a way that isn’t simply survival mode. Watch hundreds of lessons from the best as they share their stories, skills, shortcuts, failures, and successes.

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