Parent Spotlight: Sarah Hrudka Behlke

Sarah Hrudka Behlke is a multi-passionate creative business owner, entrepreneur and mama to Sullivan. A born and bred Midwestern gal, her Wisconsin roots and current Minneapolis residing mean that she is a strong believer in the handwritten note and bear hugs. With a background in photography, design and marketing, she loves finding a way to merge her worlds professionally, and especially in the realm of Motherhood. She is the newest addition to the Tiny family and we could not be more thrilled to have her!

1. Tell us a little bit about who you are and how you fill your days.

At my core, I am a tried and true empath who has never met a stranger :)

By day I am wearing many hats –– photographer, writer, and co-owner of design houses linyage and Velvet Raptor. Most recently, I am elated to add Social Media + Marketing Assistant for Tiny Organics to the lineup! And above all, I am a wife and mother to 2 year old Sullivan (Sully).

2. Balance vs. Harmony –– what are your surefire go-to’s to implement one (or both!) in the everyday juggle?

‘Harmony’ to me says permission and inclusivity, which resonates more in this season of life and is imperative right now.

My friend Kate recently brought to my attention the benefits of a ‘brain dump’: getting everything out that comes to mind, then creating segmented lists/priorities for the different roles from there to get organized. This helps my hamster wheel of a brain tremendously every day. That, and a whole lot of grace and space. (Another mantra my friend Colleen told me when I was pregnant, and that I continue to repeat to myself daily.)

3. What do you love about raising children in the Midwest?

There is something about the Midwest demeanor that can’t quite be articulated; even for us long-winded folk. Rather, it’s a feeling that is evoked, of feeling supported, rooted for, and knowing people are inherently loyal and want the best for you; especially the fellow Mamas here. I absolutely love raising a family in the Midwest–– namely Minneapolis/St. Paul where I reside–– because it has a ‘little big city’ feel. Unbelievable resources for pre and postnatal support like Blooma, several options for parent-child classes, and a very strong small business community, where there is candid dialogue about how we are all trying our best as parents to balance the spinning plates.

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