MINDFUL MONDAY | 7 Fun & Revitalizing Break-Time Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Guest Blogger: Maggie Calegari

Breaks are essential for you and your little one's overall well-being!
Make time for moments that leave you feeling energized,
focused, and filled with love.

It’s been hot and smokey here in Marin, California, and that has us cooped up even more than normal (pandemic-normal anyway). Sure, we play tag, build forts, and make lego creations to keep the days fresh and fun, but there are moments between school and work that we need more of a physical and mental break. 
And as much as my daughter needs it, I need it too.

Try one of these fun and revitalizing toddler-friendly exercises on your
next brain break or keep scrolling for baby-friendly options!
Take a Toddler-Friendly Break

    1. Have a Dance Party
      We each pick one song and dance it out. This type of physical fun helps to change up the energy in an instant. Dancing is the ultimate miracle cure for a bad case of the couch potato or grumpy-grumps. 100% organic and 100% good vibes! 

    2. Follow The Leader:
      When I know we need to get something done, I ask my daughter to pick a few moves for me to follow, then it’s my turn to lead and get something done like put away clothes or make the bed. Genius, I know. 

    3. Legs Up The Wall
      I am convinced that this is one of the most underrated exercises of all time. Not only is it fun and a little goofy but it also improves digestion, stretches the back of the next, front of the torso, and back of the legs, not to mention calms anxiety, and wakes up your legs and feet. You and your kids will benefit from this simple bonding exercise, especially if you find yourself spending more time in front of your screens lately. Not sure how to get started with your kiddo? Check out this Mindful Movement with Maggie video tutorial!


  1. Flower Breath: Make a flower with your hands. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out you imagine blowing your petals and wiggle your fingers as they gently go to the floor. Tune in every other week to do this exercise with me live on SF Loves Learning on KTVU!

  2. Create a New Stretch Together.
    The simple act of getting down on the floor can help you both to feel grounded and centered. Sit down together and take turns doing a few stretches. 
Take a Baby-Friendly Break

  1. Tummy Time is Mummy Time.
    Cozy up next to your baby for some good ol’ tummy time. Lay your baby down on their belly with their favorite toy in front of them. Lay down next to them and gently press your hands down to open up your chest and shoulders.

  2. Find Your ZZZen
    Lay down on your back and snuggle your little into your arm or on your chest. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Your breathing will signal to your baby that it is time to calm and settle.
Another tip when moving with your kids: Throw the idea of right or wrong out the window. Really allow your child to move how they want to move. You can guide or lead movement and breathing exercises, and just by participating and connecting with yourself, you are setting a great example for your little ones. They may follow, they may not. But being consistent about connecting in these types of practices will lay so much incredible foundation work that they will keep with them as they grow.

Moving you,
Maggie Calegari

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