3 Ways to Do More with Your Tiny meals

One of the best parts about our Tiny meals is that they are meant to be shared. Better yet, you can eat them yourself! (We at Tiny HQ do it all the time :) 

Tiny meals are 100% organic, nutrient-dense, plant-based, and free of the Big-8 allergens - a well-balanced, nutritious meal for your little one and the perfect side or a snack for you. We also love getting creative with our Tiny. To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ideas that you can implement today. 

This makes for a no-stress, simple, healthy meal for you with minimal effort –– which is a win for everyone!

  1. ‘Oat Em Gee’ Smoothie


We love this delicious, healthy smoothie because it truly tastes like dessert. We encourage you to invite the little hands in your home up onto a stool in the kitchen and make an activity out of it - children love to watch it mix together like magic!


    1. One cup of ‘Oat Em Gee’
    2. 3/4  cup of nut milk (you can choose any type of milk that suits your family best, and play with the amount of liquid depending on how you like your consistency)
    3. One heaping tablespoon of nut butter
  • Option: a dash of vanilla or cinnamon if you like those flavors to compliment the blueberries

  • And there you have it!  A yummy treat or everyone to enjoy, and one that will give you ‘cool parent’ points for making them think they’re having ice cream!

    1. ‘Potato Hash’ Scramble

    Oh Potato Hash, let us count the ways we love you. This plant-based hash is made with potatoes, spinach, bell peppers and onion. While known to be a great lunch or dinner option, we love to amp this one up at breakfast time!




    For this rich-in-flavor breakfast option, we used:

      1. One cup of Potato Hash in olive oil. We let this begin to cook on medium-low for a few mins before adding in the rest
      2. Three eggs, scrambled
      3. Your choice of meat: we used a spicy chorizo but bacon or even crumbled tofu would be delicious!
      4. Mix it all together until fully cooked!
  • Optional add ons: Green onions and cilantro for an extra punch!

  • (This one is totally a personal preference kind of meal, depending on your dietary needs and food preferences :)

    P.S. We all reached for seconds!

    1. ‘Kale & Quinoa Bowl’ Salad

    Now that we are coming into ‘salad season’, aka summer, we might feel inclined to reach for a salad more than usual (especially given these times when eating healthily and more greens can be tricky). But how can we switch things up? Enter: Kale & Quinoa Bowl!

    This ‘meal hack’ might just be our easiest one yet, and healthy as ever. 

    1. Grab your favorite greens
    2. Heat up your Kale and Quinoa Bowl
    3. Add ¼ an avocado 
    4. Finish with your favorite salad toppings! We love:

    -Nutritional Yeast

    -Tahini Dressing

    -Sunflower Seeds


    There you have it! Three easy, nutritious ideas to take the guesswork out of your next meal when you’re walking the line of hangry, but your little one has some options for you right in the freezer.

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