3 Crafty Ways to Repurpose Tiny Cups

Looking for an engaging activity after snack time to fill up the hours prior to the glorious afternoon nap? We’ve come up with some fun ways to use your Tiny cups! Not only can you feel good knowing Tiny has the most recyclable and sustainable baby food packaging on the market, but we can guarantee our cups will provide at least a solid 10 minutes of play too ;) 

For toddlers, it’s all about exploration through daily tasks and with common objects as they open up magical unknown doors for them (even a simple cup)! It’s not about the outcome as we all know, but about how hard their little minds are working to take it all in through the hands-on experiences! 

(Pro tip: Put their art up on the fridge so they can come back to it again and again and feel proud of their work :)

1. Paint with them!

Yes, it’s that easy! Whether it’s with a brush or simply with little fingers, we can all attest to the fascination that comes along with painting. While we love plant-based dye pants for ease of mind in safety, any kind you have around the house will do! Craft paper, newspaper, keep it simple – this is about enhancing the sense so don’t let materials hold you back. Don’t have any paint? Our friends at @othergoose gave us the brilliant idea recently of painting with cold coffee. (We definitely have it on hand as Moms anyway ;) )


2. Make a Shaker Rattle


There is always room for more music! This one can serve as a several part project depending on your little one’s age and interest level. If you’ve got a toddler, chances are strong that their interest will be found more in the sound it makes rather than decorating it, which is completely fine :)

First, have your child help you scoop some rice into each cup. (You can also experiment with different amounts in different cups for a unique sound to pique their interest.)

Then, place the caps on top and bring them together. From here you can adhere them together in whatever way is easiest for you – duct tape usually does the trick.


*Note: If the duct tape is too much of an eyesore for you, you’re welcome to cover it up yourself as an activity with your favorite beverage later ;) *

Give them anything to color with and let them go to town – remember there is no right or wrong! They will be so proud of their little creation regardless. Your kiddo is a little older? Try a paper mache or painting activity to decorate it as well!

3. Makeshift Goggles

These can be as simple or as elaborate as you want! The purpose of any craft is to spend time together and encourage your little one’s creativity and sense of independence :) 

First, simply cut small holes on the outer edges of the two cups. From here you can use a ribbon, band or anything you see fit for the strap portion of the goggles.


Then, cut two small slits on the inner edges of the cups to place a piece of construction paper or fabric for the nose strap. 

Lastly, adhere the inner edges down with glue, and make sure the bottoms of the cups are cut out. Voila! Now for your superhero, pilot, or swimmer to emerge – let their imaginations run wild! 


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